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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing shows you a perfect spot for a hot water heater blanket.

12 Sep What is a Hot Water Heater Blanket?

Is A Hot Water Heater Blanket Worth It? Do I need a hot water heater blanket? This is a question many often ask themselves. To accurately answer this question, a simple understanding of the item itself is vital. A hot water heater blanket is a an insulated...

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing shows you a photo of a water heater pilot light out.

22 Aug Water Heater Pilot Light Out?

Water Heater Pilot Light Troubles There's nothing more frustrating than a water heater pilot light that won't stay lit. Not only does this prevent the furnace from running efficiently, but it prevents hot water from being readily available. Many factors contribute to why a pilot goes...

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Troubleshoot your common sewer line problems with Ben Franklin Plumbing Tyler!

08 Aug Common Sewer Line Problems

Sewer Line Problems When sewer line problems strike, you can count on the crew at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. As dedicated sewer technicians, we use special tools and tactical methods to pinpoint and resolve the most common problems that impact plumbing lines above ground and underground. Because customer...

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Shower drain covers can be tricky to remove. Learn how with Ben Franklin Plumbing Tyler!

25 Jul How To Remove A Shower Drain Cover

Removing A Shower Drain Cover Shower drain covers are great for preventing things like loose pieces of jewelry, hair clips, bathroom razor blades, and shampoo caps from slipping down into the drain. They aren't great at stopping hair though. Over time, hair accumulates down inside the...

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Ben Franklin Plumbing Tyler teaches you how to stop your leaking toilet.

20 Jun How Do I Stop My Leaking Toilet?

Stop A Leaking Toilet You might have noticed that your water bill continues to rise, despite your best efforts to conserve water. This is troubling if you already time your showers, use a water-efficient washer machine and have succulents in your front yard. The problem could...

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P Trap pipes are vital to home plumbing. Learn more with Ben Franklin Tyler!

06 Jun What is a P Trap?

P Traps You've probably noticed curved shape pipes, also known as a P Trap, connected to each sink and open drain in your home and have thought nothing of it. However, as it turns out, these U shaped pipes actually serve an important purpose. In fact,...

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Enjoy spot-free dishes with a water softener installation from Ben Franklin Plumbing Tyler!

23 May How Does Do Water Softeners Work?

Water Softeners For Your Home Hard water is a reality that many of us live with in our homes. Hard water leaves dishes splotchy and quickly wears away the softness of clothes. Is there a way to get rid of these irritating splotches and soften the...

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Check off everything on Ben Franklins annual home plumbing maintenance list for a worry-free year!

09 May An Annual Home Plumbing Maintenance To-Do List

Home Plumbing Maintenance Spring has sprung and its time to clean! The yard and garage, are all ready for a refresh, but what about your plumbing? Keeping up with home plumbing maintenance is important to avoid costly and inconvenient malfunctions and plumbing emergencies. Every year your...

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