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26 Sep How Do I Find My Main Water Shut Off Valve?

The Water Shut Off Valve

Every home is required to have a main water shut off valve. Understanding where to locate the valve and how to shut off the water is important for everyone to know. Whether you own your own home or rent an apartment, knowing where your main shut off valve is located can save time (and money) in any plumbing related emergency. Depending on the type of structure you live in, the main water shut off valve can be located in different places.

In some cases your main water shut off valve may be outside your home.Some homes have their water shut off valve located either inside or outside of the house or apartment. These valves may be found under a sink or next to a water heater, they are also commonly found in basements or crawl spaces.
Other homes have their water shut off valve located near the edge of the property line or underground.

Some residences have multiple shut off valves that manage different water supplies; one supply for the house and a second supply for an emergency sprinkler system. Its important to know which valve manages each system.

Finding Your Water Shut Off Valve

The easiest places to begin your search are plumbing areas located closest to your water heater. Whichever sink is closest to the heater may house the valve.

Homes with basements will likely have their water shut off valve located near the front wall of the home’s foundation. Your water supply may come up through the floor or wall. If this is the case, the valve should be three to five feet from where the water enters the home.

If you have a crawl space in addition to your basement, you may find the water shut off valve near the basement entry for your main water supply. Some older homes may have the shut-off valve inside the crawl space instead of the basement. If that is true, you may want to check and see if there is a secondary valve in the basement.

If you happen to have a crawl space instead of a basement, the main valve could be located there. It is common to find secondary valves throughout the home, adjacent to the water heater or even under your kitchen sink.

For slab-on-grade construction, the valve may similarly be located in proximity to the water heater or under the sink. Given the structure of the home, however, the valve may very well be anywhere inside the home.

If you own a home with a fire sprinkler system installed, you are going to need to be careful when you are selecting the valve to shut off. Make sure to shut off the water supply for the house and leave the sprinklers alone.

Operating the Water Shut Off Valve

A Tyler plumber demonstrates how to turn off your main water shut off valve.Once you have located the right valve, you can then turn it off by twisting the handle clockwise for two or more revolutions, if the handle is a wheel. If the handle is a level, turn it a quarter of a circle until it is perpendicular with the pipe.

Once the valve has been shut off you should then open a faucet to the highest level possible. This will safely relieve the pressure of the plumbing. Continue this throughout the home as needed. If you are doing a complete draining of the home, you may need to turn of the power to the water heater.

Do You Have Questions?

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