Hard water deposits can be prevented by water filtration systems.

Water Filtration Services

The water that flows through our homes is naturally full of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Though this concentration varies in concentration depending on location, high levels of these minerals cause water to be “hard.” This hard water can cause issues from scale build up in your water heater to spots on your dishes or even dry skin after showering, especially in Tyler, Texas. Ben Franklin Plumbing Tyler offers water softeners and water filtration services. Done by our plumbing professionals, we are here to help serve you. 



Water softeners are one of the water treatment services available to change the quality of water in your home. Water Softeners and filtration systems are done properly by Ben Franklin.Much like their name suggests, water softeners remove the minerals in water that make the water hard. These devices deal exclusively with the minerals that create scale build-up on your faucets and in your water heater. Perks of water softeners include:

  • Spot-free dishes
  • Showers, tubs, and faucets without white, chalky mineral build up
  • Prolonged life of any appliances that use water in your home



Of the two water treatment services, water filters are a more comprehensive option than water softeners. These systems remove more than just minerals from your water. This can include iron, sulfur, chlorine, organic sediments, any pesticides, herbicides or industrial solvents. Perks of water filters include:

  • Healthier and softer skin and clothing
  • Odor-free tap water
  • Water from faucets that’s safe to drink


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