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08 Aug Common Sewer Line Problems

Sewer Line Problems

When sewer line problems strike, you can count on the crew at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. As dedicated sewer technicians, we use special tools and tactical methods to pinpoint and resolve the most common problems that impact plumbing lines above ground and underground.

Because customer satisfaction is important to us, we help locals protect their sewer lines by sharing information about the most common problems that affect vital sewer components. If you need a guide that can simplify the process of maintaining a sewage system, our advice and knowledge can be very beneficial. Although, it is very important to give a call to your Benjamin Franklin plumbing for any sewer issues you are having.


Clogs can cause many sewer line problems. Get this issue addressed with the experts at Ben Franklin Plumbing!Clogs are serious problems that must be resolved quickly because a lot of pressure builds up in a sewer system when water can’t move to various zones effectively and efficiently. If enough water stays trapped in a specific area within a pipe, the pressure will destroy the sewer line.

Since our goal is to help homeowners and business owners avoid clogs, we provide practical clog prevention strategies that suit general residential and commercial plumbing situations. In both environments, everyone can avoid severe clogs by tracking everything that’s tossed into various toilets. If an improper item is flushed down a toilet bowl, the plumbing system won’t move the object through narrow portions of pipes. This is why we provide information about the signs that mean that a toilet has a clog. Typically, after something that’s not designed for a sewer system is flushed down a drain, a toilet will generate a gurgling sound. After this sound is detected, a professional plumber must use special tools to remove the object that’s causing the clog.


Shortly after a sewer line is installed, the housing on certain materials will begin to age. The aging process affects specific pipes differently, which is why most crews build sewer systems with highly durable PVC pipes. If your sewer system doesn’t have these pipes, corrosion will gradually occur. Once enough corrosion happens, very weak pipes may collapse, and an average sewer system will fail to function after this event because the collapsed portions will restrict water distribution throughout the main sewer lines.

In order to prevent problems that are caused by corrosion, you’ll need to perform inspections on a regular basis. When a pipe has corroded and collapsed, various things will happen. The most common signs include:

• Gurgling sounds: These sounds typically occur within toilets after the water is flushed down the drain. Some gurgling sounds also happen in sinks shortly after large volumes of water move through a plumbing system.

• Strong odors: Intense odors commonly emit out of zones in a basement where pipes run above the ceiling or in the walls. If there are pipes that are buried in the yard, these lines can also produce strong odors that are easy to detect.

• Decreased draining speed: Drainage problems are very simple to detect when corrosion impacts pipes. If water doesn’t exit a drain quickly and efficiently, a corroded line may have dropped.


Leaks and corrosion affect pipes in a similar way. However, leaks that impact some sewer lines are tougher to detect since most leak problems occur along a pipe joint. In order to pinpoint leaks quickly, you’ll need to conduct inspections regularly in areas where pipes could possibly leak. If there is a leak somewhere in a vulnerable zone, you’ll find puddles of water underneath weak pipes. In some cases, underground pipes can also develop leaks around joints. Whenever this happens, sewage water will seam throughout your yard.

Root Invasion

Root invasion is a challenging problem that affects many sewer lines that run on rural properties. As trees grow around pipes that are underground, the roots on the landscape usually move to locations where they can access water. Once the vines wrap around the pipes, they can slowly damage each pipe’s housing.

The best way to prevent root invasion issues that harm sewer lines is by implementing procedures to eliminate invading roots early. We help protect spots where roots are trying to invade a plumbing system by using professional-grade equipment.

Pipe DamagePipe damage can cause major problems in your sewer line. Get help from Ben Franklin Plumbing!

When a sewer line system has a minor or major problem, the housing on some pipes may develop flaws. These problems are easy to pinpoint in a home because the lines will develop crack. If multiple pipes have severe cracks, the sewer lines will collapse.

These are just a few common issues that occur to you at any time. Although, you can prevent this by having a checkup with your local ben franklin plumbing experts!

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