7 Simple Ways to Lower Your Water Bill in Tyler, TX

21 Feb 7 Simple Ways to Lower Your Water Bill in Tyler, TX

If you are looking for simple ways to lower your water bill in Tyler TX, we compiled a list of simple steps you can take today. Utilities like electricity and the internet stand out on a monthly bill. And while your water bill might be lower than the others, there’s still room for you to save a significant amount of money.

The experts here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler have identified seven tips you can use to save on your next water bill.


ways to lower your water bill tyler tx

1. Shorten Your Showers to Lower Your Water Bill

According to the EPA “save water in Texas”, showers account for 17 percent of your monthly household water usage. Don’t waste water waiting for the shower to heat up. Additionally, consider if you need to use the shower at maximum water pressure levels. Half pressure may be enough for you.

The best way to cut back on water usage in the shower is the take shorter showers. You’ve heard this time and time again because it works! Keep your shower time under five minutes, and you’ll notice the difference on next month’s bill.

2. Dishwasher vs. Handwashing

Some may feel virtuous for handwashing their dishes. But, unless you’re only cleaning a few cups or pans, you’re wasting water by hand washing! Today’s modern dishwashers are incredibly efficient at cleaning dishes while using the least amount of water possible. They use an average of three gallons per cycle. Comparatively, hand washing can use up to 27 gallons per load.

Some people like hand washing because their dishes come out cleaner, and this is true. Some dishwashers don’t do a great job cleaning tougher materials. But you can afford to run your dishwasher twice or even three times! You’d still end up using less water than hand washing.

3. Stop Your Dripping Faucet to Save on Your Water Bill

A dripping faucet is one of the worst ways you rack up added charges on your water bill. It’s a complete waste of water that you do not get any actual use. Luckily for you, fixing a dripping faucet is one of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s favorite projects.

Depending on how heavy your faucet’s drip is, you could be wasting as much as 3,000 gallons of water a year, or the equivalent of 200 showers! A dripping faucet can become the biggest annoyance in your home.

Our team of plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler works fast to get your faucet working properly. Our experts can handle the installation, repair, or replacement of almost any faucet, including:

Give us a call today at (903)730-6611 to help with your plumbing needs!

4. Lower Your Water Bill and Patch Up Your Leaks

Much like a dripping faucet, a leak is incredibly wasteful. However, a dripping faucet is much easier to notice. A leak can happen in many places, and you may never know it.
Leaks will make your water bill higher than it needs to be or, even worse, cause property damage like wood rot, mold, and more.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler is happy to help you with all of your water leak needs. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a job well done that saves you money and keeps your house safe.
A slab leak is perhaps the worst kind of leak. These happen underneath your home’s foundation and are challenging to find and be highly damaging.

If you ever fear you might have a slab leak, give us a call or visit our website to schedule an appointment with one of our experts who can help you find one.

5. Don’t Wash a Few T-Shirts at a Time

A washing machine uses roughly fourteen to twenty gallons of water every cycle. That’s the same amount regardless of how many clothes you put in.

To get the most out of your washing machine’s water usage, make sure you put as many clothes in as possible while being safe. Don’t stuff it to the brim, however. Some washing machines may spill if you put too many clothes in.

Put a solid amount of clothes in to ensure you clean as much as possible with your washing machine using less water.Save money on your water bill by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth in tyler.

6. Turn Off the Faucet when Brushing Your Teeth

Turning off your faucet is a simple solution to a big problem. But, you’d be surprised by how much you may be using if you leave the faucet on while you brush your teeth.
According to colgate.com, you can use up to four gallons of water while brushing your teeth if you let your water run. If you’re brushing twice daily, that’s eight gallons of water. So over an entire year, you could be wasting up to 2,400 gallons!

Instead, only use water to dampen your toothbrush if you feel the need. You’ll save a lot of water this way.

7. Install an Efficient Shower Head

Installing a shower head is more complicated than it may seem. So instead, you should call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler and let the pros handle it.
We’re happy to give you an upgrade with energy-efficient aerating shower heads.


There are many ways you can save on your water bill. The methods we identified above will conserve a little bit of water day by day. But, over a year, conserving a gallon here and there will compound into huge savings.

Some ways to save are simple, like turning off a faucet while brushing your teeth or taking shorter showers. These can be done easily by yourself. Others, though, require expert help. So if you want to fix a leak or stop a drip, give the pros at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler a call at (903) 730-6611, and we’ll be happy to find a way to save you money on next month’s water bill.

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