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Toilets Repair Tyler

Toilet. The John. The Potty. The Throne. Toilets are great when they are working properly, but when they aren’t it can be very frustrating. If your toilet isn’t flushing like it should, leaking, or making weird noises, it’s time to invest in a replacement model.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Toilet Repair in Tyler TX.If you’re in the market for a new toilet, there are many choices. A lot of the toilets today utilize advanced water delivery to increase performance. This helps with water conservation. Dual flush mechanisms on toilets allow the user to pick either the standard option of a 1.6 gallon flush or a .8 gallon option. Other toilets boast electric-boosted systems that increase the pressure of flushes, which in turn assist in conserving water and money over time.


Due to recent water conservation and environmental protection movements, many companies have started producing low flow toilets. These types of toilets are now seen as the standard in new homes since they help save money and water.


Are you ready for a toilet repair or installation? Repairs costs less than installations, but sometimes complete installations are required if a situation is bad enough. Contact Ben Franklin Plumbing today, and we’ll come out to teach you more about the options available to you!