Why Does My Water Smell?

Why does my water smell?

22 Aug Why Does My Water Smell?

People often have a keen eye regarding how their water looks. Is it cloudy, discolored, maybe even yellowish? Are particles floating around in the water?

While these signs indicate poor water quality, another factor often goes unnoticed: smell.

Sure, your nose may be able to sniff out a whiff of rotten eggs from a mile away, but the source of the smell can be tricky to pinpoint.

Smelly water, beyond rotten eggs, can come from many places. But these smells are particularly problematic if they come from your water.

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Tyler, we’ve identified bad water smells, where they come from, what they mean, and how you can fix or mitigate them.

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Why does my water smell like sewage?

There are two reasons your water smells like sewage, and neither is because you’re smelling sewage.

The first is because of rotten food in your sink’s drain. Bacteria build-up from this can often smell like sewage. The other could come from old, moldy water in your water heater.

How to Fix It

Smell the water that comes from your faucet. If it smells normal, you likely have rotting food in your drain.

Pour some vinegar and baking soda into your drain and let it sit for about ten minutes. Then, pour some boiling water into your drain to flush out and remove the smell.

If only hot water from your faucet smells, then the smell may originate in your water heater. If that’s the case, you’ll have to drain your heater and clean it with a chlorine bleach solution. A professional plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Tyler would be happy to assist you with this job.

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?

If your water smells like rotten eggs, do not drink from it again until it’s fixed. The smell is likely the result of sulfur bacteria. Sulfur bacteria can lead to iron bacteria and hydrogen sulfide gas. High levels of hydrogen sulfide gas can cause nausea and headaches.

How to Fix It

Draining your water heater may solve this issue. However, the smell could also come from your distribution system. An iron filter for the distribution system can treat your entire home’s water supply and help prevent the sulfur smell.

Why does my water smell musty?

If your water smells old or has been sitting out for too long, you may have an issue with your water softening system.

How to Fix It

Fixing your water softening system can be complex. Hiring a professional plumber is our recommendation to ensure a proper fix.

Installing a reverse osmosis water filter can remove musty odors as well.

Why does my water smell like metal?

Water usually travels to your faucet from metal pipes. These pipes are built to last a long time but eventually wear down. So if you’re tasting metal, you’re tasting residue from old metal pipes.

Your water may also be acidic or have low PH. Acidic water can accelerate the deterioration of metal pipes.

The less likely but more severe reason for a metallic taste is from lead pipes. Lead pipes were banned in 1986, but many homes still have them. There are as many as ten million homes in the U.S. with lead service lines.

How to Fix It

If your home was built before 1986, consider getting a filter that reduces lead.

Reverse osmosis filters and water softeners can also help reduce a metallic taste. In addition, a neutralizing filter can bring your water’s pH level to a better level, also helping to reduce a metallic taste.

Why does my water smell like fish?

A fishy smell usually accompanies water from a pond or lake. However, it’s not necessarily the fish that create that putrid odor, but rather decaying organic matter, like leaves or plants, and maybe even fish.

If your water comes from a local pond or lake and you’re smelling fish, then bacteria from decaying organic matter may be to blame.

How to Fix It

If this smell is of concern to you, contact your water supplier. The law requires them to monitor organic matter levels in your water safely. In addition, a Brita filter that attaches to your faucet can go a long way to reduce this smell.

Why does my water taste like chlorine?

Chlorine, a chemical used as a disinfectant in swimming pools, is sometimes used by public water supply providers for its disinfection capabilities. Chlorine does a lot of good for your water. It kills bacteria and viruses and can be drunk in moderation.

Unfortunately, it can have an off-putting smell and flavor.

How to Fix It

A carbon filtration system can reduce the chlorine smell and taste of your water as it comes out of the faucet. This way, you still get the cleansing benefits of chlorine without the unpleasant smell and taste.

This filtration system can attach underneath your sink. A larger one can be attached to your home’s water source and treated for your entire house.

In conclusion…

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Tyler, we hope to have answered some of your most pressing questions about the smell of your home’s water.

If you have any concerns about your water’s smell or want to install a device to help reduce an unpleasant smell, don’t hesitate to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Tyler.


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