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21 Mar Should I Hire Professional Water Heater Installers?

Water Heater Installers

Hot water heater installers are hot water heater experts!When it comes to installing a heating unit, the process may look simple. However, there have been many changes in designs and regulations over the years. Hiring a professional water heater installers is a must when you find yourself needing a new unit. Here are ten good reasons why this should never be a DIY project.

1. Properly Ventilating Your Home

One of the most dangerous aspects of DIYing instead of hiring professional plumbers, is the risk of causing backdrafting. Backdrafting occurs when the exhaust from a gas-powered unit does not ventilate and ends up in the home. The right water heater installers have to deal with many factors to avoid this situation. Poor vent design, inadequate air supply or the wrong type of unit are common issues that can create a dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide. Always leave this to a professional to make sure your family is safe.

2. Advancements in Plumbing Technology

Just like technology, water tanks have evolved too. This gives room for new adjustments and a longer lifespan; the only downside is the complexity that comes with these new units. Today’s trained plumbers must complete manufacturer training to obtain the knowledge necessary to meet their industry requirements to safely and adequately work.

3. Water Tanks Can Expand

Professional plumbers are trained to look for thermal expansion problems. If a home’s water supply does not have an expansion tank to relieve the pressure that builds up, this could be dangerous; having a plumber check all of the critical areas of your plumbing system can save you thousands in plumbing repairs later.

4. Expert Diagnosis

You may feel that your existing unit is just worn out and needs replacing. However, without a proper diagnosis from a specialist, you may be ignoring the current problem. The unit may not have been installed correctly, or a valve may be stressed. In any case, receiving an expert opinion on what has happened can save repeat incidents, saving money and time.

5. Licensed Professionals and the Law

In some parts of the country, hiring licensed plumbers is the law of the land. Whether by state or local codes, it may be necessary to hire water heater installers that are certified and licensed in their trade.

6. Electricity and Gas are a Dangerous Combo

A water tank is not a simple device that can be changed out by merely switching a few pipes. The wrong gas connection or an inadequate wiring material can cause damage and injury. Stay safe and know trained water heater installers are working on your tank.

7. Ensure Proper Drainage

Drainage pans or piping are often needed to protect your area should a problem with your water tank arise. professional plumbers will consider the entire area and make the right adjustments to protect your home from any water damage.

8. Special Sizes for Special Purposes

Not all water tanks are one-size-fits-all. Families may have specific needs where size and features become essential. A water heater install specialist will know to compare your household to different models that are available. Some variations of models are not offered to the general public; this is where your water heater installers are invaluable in fitting you with just the right unit.

9. Guaranteed Results

Trained water heater installers work for companies that stand behind their work. If a problem occurs after the installation, a reputable company, like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, will troubleshoot the problem and repair immediately. A specific manufacturer may also require a licensed installer to perform the work in order to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty.

10. Education and Experience

Water tanks have evolved into complicated pieces of equipment that require knowledge and training. Everything from energy-efficiency suggestions to features that will make your family more comfortable are traits that a water heater install company will have. Call a licensed plumber before attempting to replace or install a water tank in your home. The proper installation will save you time, energy, and money in the future!

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