How To Save Water At Home By Installing Efficient Water-Saving Appliances

How to save water at home Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler

14 Jul How To Save Water At Home By Installing Efficient Water-Saving Appliances

Save Water With Water-Saving Appliance Installations

These days, every dollar counts, and so does every drop! Taking the right steps and installing efficient water-saving appliances can contribute to water conservation and increase your monthly savings. If you’re unsure about how to save water, don’t worry. Let this guide assist you in reducing your water usage and lowering your water bill. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler has been helping residents from Longview to Whitehouse conserve water and boost their savings since its founding.

How To Save Water At Home With A Water-Saving Shower Head

Installing water-saving shower heads is an excellent initial approach to decreasing water consumption at home. These shower heads effectively reduce water usage, significantly saving your water bill. You can save up to $100 annually by making this simple switch. With prices as low as $5, depending on the brand, it’s a worthwhile investment that provides an impressive return. However, while installing a new shower head is beneficial, pairing it with other water-saving measures is essential.

How to save water at home by installing water saving appliances Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler

Save Water By Installing Water-Saving Toilets

Did you know most toilets made before 1994 consistently use up to 7 gallons of water PER flush? Thanks to new federal standards, all new toilets are now “low-flow,” meaning they use up 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The EPA estimates that by switching to a low-flow toilet or a water-saving dual-flush toilet, you can save up to $140 a month. Not super excited to get dirty installing a new toilet? Schedule your low-flow efficient toilet installation with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today.   

Install A Water Saving Dishwasher

Not only can you waste water when you shower or use the bathroom, but your dishwasher can also be quite the thief regarding home water usage. The average dishwasher uses about six gallons of water per cycle at night. You can reduce your water usage to 4 gallons per cycle using an Energy Star high-efficiency washer. Another great way to reduce your home water usage. Now that you know how to save water when you do dishes, you can contact us if you need help installing your new water-saving dishwasher. 

Do Dishwashers Save Water?

Yes! Using a dishwasher can save money. It’s true; hand washing won’t help when it comes to your Longview water bill. By using a dishwasher, you can save up to 5,000 gallons of water each year. This water-saving even applies to running a half-full dishwasher. Don’t be afraid to save water at home. Why not make the change? Saving money can be as easy as hitting the start button on your dishwasher, sitting back, and enjoying the benefits of conserving water. Bonus tip: If you can reduce your garbage disposal use by once a week, you can save an additional 2-5 gallons of water each week. 

Switch To Water-Saving Faucets

Looking to further cut down on your water bill? Let’s dive into saving water by installing water-saving faucets in your bathrooms and kitchen. It might seem like a minor change, but every little effort adds up. Fun fact: approximately 75% of indoor water usage links to the bathroom. So, if you’ve already upgraded to a water-saving toilet, the next step is to update your faucets. By switching to faucets designed with water efficiency, you reduce your water bill even further and contribute to conserving water for the Longview & Whitehouse community. It’s a win-win situation, all while you brush your teeth or while running tap water. 

How to save water at home by installing water saving faucet Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler

How To Save Water At Home With Tankless Water Heaters

No one wants to wait for the cold water to heat up. But that’s what you have to do with traditional water heaters. A normal hot water tank has a large water supply that requires heating. But, with a tankless water heater, you eliminate this wait time.

But it’s not just about wait times; choosing a tankless water heater saves money, and you guessed it, you also get to do your part in helping to protect the environment. A traditional water heater requires a constant flow of electricity and gas to keep your system ready. Tankless systems eliminate that.

That means fewer fossil fuels in your home and a lower carbon footprint. It also means your Longview gas bill or your Tyler gas bill shrinks. This chance to get a lower gas bill is why many Tyler, Longview, & Whitehouse residents call tankless heaters the most efficient water heater. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler water heater installations are unmatched. Call our Whitehouse & Longview plumbers; we can answer any questions about installing tankless water heaters.

How To Save Water At Home With High-Efficiency Washer

Your washer may not come to mind when you ask yourself how to save water. But by switching to a high-efficiency washer, you can greatly help with community water conservation, lower your Longview water bill, and reduce your Whitehouse electricity bill by reducing energy used when washing clothes by 20 to 50%. High-efficiency washers also use 50% less water than a traditional washing machine, making this one of the perfect ways to save water at home. Call our Benjamin Franklin Plumbers expert, Tyler Plumbers, today to learn how we can help with your washing machine installation. 

Save Money with Water Efficient Appliances Installed by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler

How We Can Help You Conserve Water & Save Money

Now that you know how to save water, don’t miss out on the opportunity to reduce your water bills and contribute to water conservation in your community. By installing efficient water-saving appliances, you can make a significant impact. Not only will you enjoy monthly savings, but you’ll also be actively conserving water resources and reducing your carbon footprint. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler today and let our experts help you install these energy-efficient appliances saving time & stress. Our experts can give you peace of mind by correctly installing your new water-efficient appliances. Take action now and start reaping the benefits of water conservation!

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