07 Mar The Most Common Home Plumbing Repairs

Home Plumbing Repairs


Home plumbing repairs affect most of us from time to time. Even new plumbing installed by premiere builders can develop problems or become worn. Below are some of the most common plumbing issues that merit the evaluation of an experienced residential plumber.

Running Toilets


Ben Franklin common home plumbing repairs includes running toilet problems in residential plumbing systems.One of the more common home plumbing repairs is toilets with continuous running water after flushing. This indicates that the toilet flapper is not working correctly or there may be a water pressure problem. Your Benjamin Franklin plumber can quickly locate the source of the problem and repair it promptly.

Decreased Water Pressure


Ben Franklin common home plumbing repairs includes decreased water pressure problems in residential plumbing systems.A sudden decrease in water pressure may signal a break or clog in the home’s main water line. Turn off the water line until the source of the problem can be identified and repaired. Otherwise, the pipe may burst and hurl thousands of gallons of water all over your house, requiring an expensive and possibly time-consuming clean-up in addition to the cost of the plumbing work. Let us save you some money and time, call a professional for this plumbing repair.

Damaged Pipes


Ben Franklin common home plumbing repairs includes damaged pipes in residential plumbing systems.Never try to fix a leaky water pipe with tape, glue, or other substances. At best, the problem will be addressed only briefly before erupting again. At worst, the water could back up and burst through another weak area of the pipe or joint. Pipes that are ruptured, dented, or damaged in any way will need immediate repair.

Appliance Water Leaks


Ben Franklin common home plumbing repairs includes appliance water leaks in residential plumbing systems.Dishwashers, washing machines, and certain types of refrigerators come equipped with hoses connecting to a water source. If a hose breaks or becomes unattached, water can leak and cause extensive damage to the home, sometimes on more than one level. It is essential to catch the problem as soon as possible before the water builds up under the appliance or in another unseen area where mold and mildew can grow, compounding your repair problems and possibly compromising the family’s health. 

Old hoses, worn gaskets, washers, and toilet flappers need inspection and possible repair before they break and cause an emergency. Suspicious signs of mold or bad odors may reveal an underlying problem. 

Outdoor Water Problems


Ben Franklin common home plumbing repairs includes outdoor water problems in residential plumbing systems.In addition to inspecting your indoor water sources, check outdoor faucets and hoses to ensure everything is working correctly. Choose a dry day so you can see any wet spots where water may be leaking near the home. Some of the most common home plumbing repairs are needed outside when external water sources are damaged or begin to break down in some way. Water can drip from an outdoor faucet and seep into the home’s foundation, eventually creating a leak into the house if not repaired. 

Gutter Buildup

Ben Franklin common home plumbing repairs includes gutter buildup problems in residential plumbing systems.Another of the most common home plumbing repairs involves the home’s gutters. They should be checked annually to see if there is a buildup of fallen leaves and other debris. Since climbing a ladder to inspect the roof and gutters can potentially be dangerous, a home plumber has the equipment, experience, and skills to inspect the roof safely and clean the gutters. Clean gutters and downspouts will allow moisture to flow away from the home rather than backing up and overflowing where it may cause problems. 

If you suspect one or more of these common home plumbing repairs in your home, inside or outside, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for assistance. We can answer questions and offer advice as well as visit your home to check out the areas in question. A free written estimate is available outlining what needs to be fixed if we find a problem. We will also include the indicated cost and timeframe for completing the work!

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