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12 Jun 5 Signs You Might Have a Leaking Pipe Needing Repair

Pipes Needing Repair?

A leaking pipe can cause more damage than you might otherwise believe. It can cause excessive damage to your home and increase your monthly bill exponentially. To protect your home, it is crucial to know the signs of a hidden leak. Your water pipes are located in your wall and under flooring that most homeowners can’t typically access. Potential leaking pipes are one of the most popular reasons homeowners call the expert licensed plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. To help you better understand if you have a mounting problem needing our attention, here are the top five signs that you need a professional plumber for possible water pipe repair services.


  1. Mold on Your Walls

If you notice mold growing on a non-shower wall, you might have a leaky pipe. Mold or mildew has a tendency of growing in moist places. If your wall is collecting moisture from a plumbing problem such as a leaking pipe, you want to have us out to check for water leaks. There are many home repairs that can sometimes be put on hold as they are not urgent, but leaks in your home can quickly escalate and cause major problems that may damage walls and other structures. Plus the health hazards of living with mold can be very harmful for your family.


  1. Damaged Flooring or CeilingsBenjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler shares knowledge on the cost of a leaking faucet.

Another common sign that you might have a leaking pipe is damaged flooring or ceilings that are sagging, bubbling, or they are warped. This could be caused by nearby pipe leaks that are collecting water in one centralized area. Sometimes humidity may cause some of these conditions in your home. If you notice an unusual increase in your water bill then a leaky water pipe might be the culprit. Benjamin Franklin professional plumbers will be able to detect the source of your problem and help you understand your options and best solutions to protect your home.


  1. Your Water Pressure Is Lower Than Normal

If your water pressure suddenly lessens you will want to call us quickly to get to the bottom of the situation so your family can resume the convenience we all enjoy with running water. There are a few issues that may lead to low water pressure in your home. Incorrect sized pipes that can’t handle the correct amount of pressure in the line or clogged pipes might both create a loss of water pressure. When in doubt of the problem we will help provide peace of mind with your exact cause.


  1. A Musty Odor

When old water sits, it begins to smell musty. If you have a hidden leak the water may begin to accumulate, thus producing a strange odor. Clean the area where it smells fowl. If the scent doesn’t dissipate afterward, you might have a leak.


  1. Unusually High Water Bills

One high water bill is usually nothing to worry about. However, if your water usage has not increased and your bills are much higher than usual, you may have a problem. You might have a hidden leak if your bill has been outrageously high for the past few months. This would be the time you want to call us for a home plumbing inspection and diagnosis.


A leaky pipe can become very costly for a homeowner if left unattended. It can lead to instability of your house, along with a huge financial cost. If you experience any of these five common signs you may have leaking plumbing problems and our team is on standby to help diagnose if a leak is present and its source.  When you need a plumber near you fast in Tyler, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will be there to help protect your home and locate any leaking water pipes so you can get back to your life.

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