Why is my water heater making noise?

Why is my water heater making noise?

25 May Why is my water heater making noise?

Are you wondering why is your water heater making noise? A water heater is a lot like a referee in sports. When they’re performing at their best, you’ll never notice them. It is only when things go wrong that you begin to pay attention.

A water heater heats up cold water and delivers a hot water supply when and where you need it. But sometimes it doesn’t, and it won’t take you long to realize there’s a problem.

A heater making noise is not uncommon. Electric water heaters and tankless water heaters can also experience these issues.
There are several reasons why your water heater may be making noise. Some are common and easy to fix. Others are complicated and require professional help.

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Tyler, we’ve identified why your water heater could be making noise. And most importantly, if you can fix it yourself or if you should call a professional.


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What Noises are Normal For a Water Heater?

Not all noises from a water heater are cause for concern.

  • Vibrations: Water flowing through the tank’s heating element may cause a slight vibration that produces humming noises if it’s loose. While harmless, this can still be annoying. If it becomes an issue for you, tightening the heating element may make the sound disappear.
  • Clicking: Some water heaters have a valve designed to impede water from flowing in the wrong direction. These valves can cause a clicking or ticking sound as it passes through. It’s possible to replace them with another valve or remove them.
  • Hissing: Hissing occurs when condensation comes in contact with a hot surface. Condensation forms after extended use of hot water, like a bath or shower, and maybe even a dishwasher and washing machine. This is a common occurrence and usually isn’t a cause for concern.


Why is my water heater making noise?

What Does a Noisy Water Heater Mean?

Some noises from a water heater are cause for concern.

  • Sizzling: Sizzling sounds or a high-pitched hiss from your water heater could mean a leak occurred. Water dripping from the leak hits a hot surface and burns away. While the crackling sounds from the burning of the water isn’t much of an issue. A leakage may mean water is spilling into other areas, and your water tank is wasting water. These two outcomes can cause mold growth and related home damage and drive up the cost of your water bill. Additionally, your energy bill will increase because the heating element will have to work harder to heat up water.
  • Water Hammer: Water hammer happens when a water valve is turned to off, forcing the water in the opposite direction. It then smacks against the closed valve repeatedly. Trapping water this way causes a “hammer” sound. After a few moments, the water pressure will subside, and the noise will disappear.

How Do I Stop My Water Heater From Making Noise?

Some noises can be stopped with a bit of DIY. Others may need professional help from experts in the Tyler area.

  • Vibrations: Humming usually occurs when a tank’s heating element is loose. Tightening the element may stop the sound. Safely doing this is a multistep process that involves handling dangerous electrical equipment. Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Tyler, we do not recommend doing this procedure by yourself. While it is certainly possible, calling an expert will ensure your heater gets adequately fixed without the risk of electrical hazards.
  • Hissing: Hissing comes from condensation coming in contact with a hot surface. This is a minor issue that you can fix yourself. If the sound is unbearable to you, be mindful of your hot water usage. How long are your showers? Do you need to wash your clothes with the hottest water setting? Adjusting these habits may help eliminate the sound. Also, place a water pan underneath the tank to catch any condensation that may drop to the ground.
  • Sizzling: Sizzling comes from a water leak. This is a serious issue that needs attention from a professional plumber immediately. Call a plumber like Benjamin Franklin of Tyler, who can fix the issue for you with expertise.
  • Water Hammer: While the water hammer might be the most annoying noise that sounds like an alarming problem, it’s one of the easier ones to fix. Simply tightening the pipe’s straps will prevent excess movement, which causes the sound in the first place. Call a plumber to install a water hammer arrestor if the noise persists. An arrestor will help control the pressure increase when a water valve is closed.
  • Mineral Deposits: While not a sound, mineral deposits in your water heater can cause many problems. After enough time, tiny mineral particles from your water supply will build up in water tanks. Regularly draining your water heater will clear out deposits and allow water to flow more freely through the tank.

In Conclusion

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Tyler for water heater issues that you can’t fix. We have the personnel and the resources to service any water heater problems.

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