27 Feb Showers and Water Costs


The Dollars and Cents

Calculating the economic cost of a shower is pretty straightforward. The water costs and the cost to heat it. For the average household in Northeast Texas, it all washes out at just about $2.00 per 10-minute shower. For a family of four, that’s $8.00/day. $240/month.  $2,880 per YEAR! So, just by cutting your showers in half – from 10 minutes to 5 – your family could have an extra $1,440 sitting around by this time next year.

Here are some don’t miss tips for saving even more!

Slow Your Flow.

The average showerhead dispenses between 2.5 and  3.5 gallons of water per MINUTE.  Making the switch to a low-flow shower head model can cap that at 2 gallons per minute – saving 2900 gallons per year for the average family. Add in the cost to heat that extra water, and you’ll save about $70 per year. In other words, the shower head pays for itself and more!

Stop The Wait.

Do you let the shower run before you jump in? Just waiting for it to reach just the right temperature? You’re wasting gallons of water. In fact, 20% of every shower is spent with no one in it!

With current water costs, cutting down on water waste can help save your household money.Recycle The Extra.

This is what home gray water systems are for.  But you’ll get results AND savings just by putting a bucket in the shower with you. Use that bucket surplus to water your garden, flush the toilet,  or fill the dog bowls.

Is It Time To Update Your Water Heater?

A newer model will make your home more efficient automatically.  Right now, you’ll save $75 on the installation of a new water heater with Benjamin Franklin Tyler. We even take your old model with us and give you a minimum 6-year warranty on parts and labor!

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