28 Dec Tyler Toilet Repairs

Toilet Repairs

Do you have a toilet that won’t stop running? Is it upping your water bill and keeping you awake at night? Toilet repairs are a problem that most homeowners will encounter at some point. The simple explanation for this issue is that the flapper is not closing correctly, so water is constantly leaking from the tank to the bowl.

A continuously running toilet can be caused by problems inside the toilet’s tank and is usually a simple fix. Here are a few trouble spots to check before calling Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for toilet repairs:

The FlapperBen Franklin Plumber working on toilet repairs in Tyler, TX
The flapper controls the water flow from the tank into the toilet bowl. Over time, the flapper can become dirty, damaged, discolored or warped. This allows water to leak from the tank. If your flapper looks damaged or broken, it is probably time for toilet repairs and a replacement.

The Chain

The chain connects the flush lever to the flapper. When you push down on the lever to flush the toilet, it should lift the flapper with the chain, allowing water to rush from the tank to the bowl. However, if your chain is broken or too short, the flapper will stay up and water will leak from the tank. This can require simple toilet repairs to fix.

Benjamin Franklin Toilet Repairs helpful ideasThe Float Position

Your toilet may have a plastic, rubber, or metal balloon-like object attached to the fill valve, floating on top of the water in the tank. This float serves as a sensor for the fill valve. When the float is low, the valve will open to allow water into the tank. Once the float rises to its normal position, the valve will shut off the water flow. If the float is malfunctioning, the water won’t replenish as it should, meaning you’ll need toilet repairs.

Do you still need help figuring out why your toilet keeps running? Or maybe you have another toilet repair problem? Leaky toilets can be annoying for homeowners. The experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help ease your frustration and quiet your bathroom. We’ll get to the bottom of your toilet repair need quickly.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers are highly trained and experienced plumbing repair experts. We know your time is valuable so when you call a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing expert, you won’t wait long for plumbing service. We are ready 24/7 to solve your plumbing problems or assist with your new installations. At Benjamin Franklin, we are the Punctual Plumber. You’ll be delighted with our fast, courteous, and professional service. If you are experiencing toilet repair problems or have any other plumbing issues, give us a call today.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler serves the East Texas cities of Kilgore, Longview, Tyler, and Whitehouse with a team of certified plumbers. In addition to emergency plumbing repair, some of the plumbing services provided by the company include faucet repair, drain services, toilet repair, plumbing fixture installations, tub and shower installations, kitchen sink repair, faucet installation, water heater repair/replacement, and garbage disposal replacement. Call us today at (903) 730-6611 to schedule an appointment!


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