26 Apr Natural Gas Line Installation & Repairs

Gas Line Installation

When you first moved into your home, there were several natural-gas outlets that dotted the walls. They were quickly hooked up to your current appliances and promptly forgotten. However, these gas lines may require some updates over the years, as you alter the home. If you’re wondering who to call for gas service, your best resource is a certified plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler is the right service to call for gas line installations.A Natural Fit

There’s an industry misconception when it comes to plumbers. Water lines aren’t their only service areas. Plumbers work with gas lines because it’s a natural progression from plumbing conduits. They’re able to cut, solder or fit pipes together, so that no leaks are possible. Attention to detail is important when natural gas is involved in the home. Experienced plumbers are able to connect every pipe and test it before leaving. Other service technicians may not have the same skill set, dedication to quality work and commitment to your family’s safety.

Remodeling the Kitchen

A common reason to hire a plumber for a gas line installation is during a kitchen-remodeling project. Your new oven might need to be relocated to a wall instead of underneath an exhaust hood. The original gas lines are several feet away from the new installation point, so plumbers design an alternative line. They’ll use the original gas line as a breakaway point for a new line. By hiring a reputable professional, the new oven has a safe and reliable gas line.

Updating Your Water Heater

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler Tankless Water Heater Gas Line Installation in Tyler TX.Perhaps your older water heater is about to fail, and it’s time to invest in a tankless water heater. Your gas line is already in the water heater’s location, but it’s too far away from the tankless model’s input line. Hiring a plumber will only streamline this installation process. New gas lines and proper heater supports are often installed together to get your system up and running. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler installs tankless water heaters often, and we can make your transition a breeze.

Converting to a Gas Laundry System

Running your laundry dryer on electrical power is expensive because this appliance seems to be on almost all of the time. Almost any newer dryer can be converted from an electrical to gas type. Trust this gas line installation to the plumbers because they’ll deal with both the water and gas-line connections for the washer and dryer. It’s necessary to isolate the electrical components while running a gas line between the appliance and wall. Allow the plumbers to verify your water connections as they work on the gas line too. Any leaks from the water lines are instantly noticeable during the next load.

Enjoying a Gas Fireplace
Stop throwing wood logs on the fire, and convert it to gas insert. Your home might have a nearby line that simply needs to be activated. Be aware that a new line might be necessary if no others are nearby.
Explore your gas-line options with a professional by your side. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Tyler for all of your water- and gas-line needs. These experts thoroughly evaluate your home or specific project as they design a solution that works for your budget. With one appointment, you can have a safe, gas line installation supplying nearly any appliance within the household.

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